Solmart Media, LLC


7891 US Highway 17 South
Zolfo Springs, FL 33890
Contact: Sherry Good, Business Manager – 863-494-4111

Download EEO Public File Report Oct 1, 2015

Download EEO Public File Report for Oct 1, 2016

If you belong to or know of any community group that helps people find jobs, we want to know about them. When a job opening becomes available at this or any Solmart Media, LLC station, we will notify that group and they can inform all of their members who would like to know about and apply for jobs at WZZS-FM/WZSP-FM.

Please tell these organizations to contact Sherry Good, to get on the Job Opportunity Employment Listing Service at (863) 494-4111 or email

The Job Listing Service is a free Equal Employment Opportunities Outreach program of WZZS-FM/WZSP-FM.